The Social Double Standard of Cosmetic Surgery

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One of the biggest controversies in the modern world has to be with the latest trend of vanity. It’s permanently changing your body through the use of surgical procedures. I’m talking about Plastic surgery. In today’s day and age, the media has the most power over everyone. And since we have thrown out a lot of traditional values of our past, looking good and promiscuity is higher than ever.

Now I personally have no problem with people changing themselves whether it be under the knife or not, but a lot of people still have mixed feelings about it. Granted when people get liposuction, generally they’re going to just get the fat back, but when you’re getting something done to change your physical appearance, people take notice.

I believe that when people want to get plastic surgery done, they should really consider the care you need to take for the rest of your lives. For instance breast implants, after x amount of years you’re going to need to get replacements eventually as they will start to not look good. Also, once you become older it might be odd to look at a 70 year old woman with perky breasts.

The most common procedures done that are basically under the radar are double eyelid, rhinoplasty, and jaw reshaping. The only people who can tell or would know is if they knew you before. If you are going to get plastic surgery done though, I suggest you really look heavily into the best plastic surgeon you can find. I do know that you can get really cheap and good surgery done in Korea as they do the most procedures in the world since Koreans are extremely vain.